How to Clear Lice

Remember when you were in primary school how a school nurse would screen all kids for lice? It seems that the tradition is still practiced in many primary schools in the area and for a good reason. Just a few weeks ago, a neighbor of mine shared with me a piece of news that her little daughter brought lice home from school. Of course, I was alarmed immediately and started checking the hair and head of my little boy, but to my relief I haven’t found anything, but my neighbor wasn’t as lucky as me. I am not sure how she dealt with the problem, but I am positive that she managed to clear lice from the head of her daughter and from her home.

Why lice is such a big deal? Well, it definitely is a big deal because it is unpleasant to everybody involved in the process, but it can also be harmful to those who carry lice as it can easily affect their social life. I am still hoping that my kids aren’t going to bring home anything like that, and for this reason I already started taking precautions to make sure that nothing like this happens to us. Make sure that you take the necessary steps too!

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