Why walking route planner apps are so popular

Walking has become an increasingly popular form of exercise, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as more people opt for outdoor activities with social distancing. With so many new walkers out and about, route planner apps have seen a dramatic rise in popularity. These apps help users map out routes they can take and provide helpful information like distance, estimated time to complete the route, and any potential hazards.

Walking Route Planner Apps

Walking route planner apps are quickly becoming an essential part of walking for leisure. These apps provide users with directions on the best and safest routes to take when walking, which helps to make the experience more enjoyable. With a wide variety of features and services, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on these apps for their daily walks. One of the most popular features of walking route planner apps is that they provide detailed directions and maps. This allows users to easily find their way around unfamiliar areas, as well as plan out routes in advance. Additionally, some apps have additional features such as tracking your progress and providing safety tips for navigating different areas. By taking advantage of these tools, users can get more out of their walks and stay safe while doing so.


Benefits of Walking Apps

Walking route planner apps have exploded in popularity recently. These apps provide a wealth of information and benefits to users, making them an incredibly convenient tool for walkers and hikers of all experience levels. Whether you’re looking for a new route to explore or trying to get an accurate estimate of the time it will take you to complete your journey, walking route planner apps can provide the answers.

Using walking route planner apps allows users to find the most efficient routes that are tailored specifically to their needs. This includes finding pathways with a minimal incline or avoiding busy roads if desired. The ability to personalize routes in this way is invaluable when planning hikes, especially if they involve difficult terrain or areas where navigational knowledge might be lacking.


Different Features of walking apps

There are many free and paid walking route apps available to download with a whole variety of features. Tracking allows users to track their routes while they walk and record various data sets. Many apps make it easy to plan walking routes and access data from other users. On top of this most apps allow you to record distance travelled along with speed, and gradients and then share your walk with other users. Being able to share walking and hiking routes anywhere in the world helps provide other users with suggestions on the best routes available based on user preferences such as terrain or points of interest.



In conclusion, walking route planner apps are extremely popular due to their convenience, user-friendly design, and accessibility. There is no need to worry about memorizing routes or getting lost in unfamiliar places. With the use of these applications, people can plan and track their walks with ease. Furthermore, the health benefits of walking make it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a healthy form of exercise.


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