When Accuracy and Speed Matter With Pipe Facing Equipment

There is a fine art to pipe facing that many types of equipment fail to master. Individual employees are usually left to grind, sand and buff the surface to a better fit and texture. There is equipment available that can cut down on time and save you money in getting the surface results needed for a better weld.

Creating the Right Welding Surface

Different types of welds, on a variety of surfaces, require specific beveling to ensure it is done correctly and that the weld holds. Much of the equipment in operation today is awkward to use and dependent on hydraulic powering. The process of proper preparation of the surface for a weld normally includes the time taken to grind and sand the surface smooth.

Speed in Changing Bevel

Having pipe facing equipment that offers an easy change of bevel sizes and directions would be priceless to any industry that has to get projects done timely. Being at a job site that requires a variety of angles and directional changes can make this task difficult when using archaic equipment. Using equipment that operates the cutters at one unit mean you do not have the traditional set-up time to change the bevel. Moving on to a different size pipe is quick and uncomplicated.

Brush Adapter for Smooth Surface

You can reduce overall labor costs using pipe facing equipment that has an adapter to use brushes that grind and buff the surface to perfection. One employee can handle each phase of the project. You will save time by not having to remove the equipment, but simply change to the brush head for finishing touches. The results are professional grade and take far less time than manual grinding, sanding and buffing.

On-Site Bevel Changes Without Hydraulics

Pipe facing equipment that uses hydraulic systems for power are cumbersome, to say the least. There are hoses, hose attachments and the constant worry of leaks and lack of pressure. Equipment that is electrically operated is more dependable and portable. You can feel good about taking this equipment to any job site, no matter how tight the quarters are.

Easy to Use Equipment

Learning how to use state-of-the-art pipe facing equipment is not time consuming, or difficult. It is designed and built for almost anyone to use. A few hours of training and supervision will be all that is needed for the employees that want to learn how to prepare the perfect welding surface.

Contact welding equipment experts like Dyna Torque Technologies and explore the features of a pipe facing machine that will save you time, money and provide the best results for a smooth welding surface right now!

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