What Is Tor?

From time to time I come across information about places and realities I know little about. One of those things is definitely something known as the Deep Web. in the ever-changing world of the Internet, you are very likely to stumble upon something like this once in a while.

I remember hearing about the Deep Web for the first time several months ago. Imagine my surprise when I read about it again this morning. Coming across the topic made me realize that there are still so many things out there that I would like to discover and make myself familiar with.

Before I tell you more about the topic, I want you to know that the Deep Web is not for the faint of heart. You will find there the strangest of information you had no idea about. It is definitely a bizarre place to be, but the experience can be absolutely mind blowing.

How did the Deep Web emerge? To explain the concept of the hidden surface of the World Wide Web, I cannot avoid mentioning something known as Tor. In a nutshell, Tor is a system that was first invented by the US Navy. Its sole aim was to protect government communications from leaks. The system makes it hard to trace someone’s online activity. It all happens by encrypting data and sending it through random routes. Because of it, Tor has found many uses among the general public.

What are some of the most popular uses of Tor? Thanks to Tor, people living in countries without freedom of speech can have unlimited access to the Internet without being censored or prosecuted for their beliefs. Due to its unique nature, Tor attracts people from all walks of life, both legitimate as well as not so legitimate such as assassins, hackers, inventors, scientists, political activists, government officials, police, navy officials and more.

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