The Mental And Physical Benefits Of An Open MRI Scan

It is understandable to feel worried when scheduling an MRI scan. The closed bore has been the source of discomfort for many years, but now more facilities are opting for an open MRI scanner. Here are the mental and physical benefits of an open MRI scan.

Physical Comfort

It is not easy to lie comfortably inside a closed MRI machine. The tunnel design restricts your movements, which can be painful if you are suffering from an injury. The open design makes it easy to get into a comfortable position during the procedure, and the body-weight capacity makes it easier to scan bodies of different sizes and types. You do not have to worry about scheduling another appointment due to an inaccurate or incomplete scan.

Mental Comfort

If you are like many other patients, you are terrified of sliding into the closed bore machine. You do not have to worry about your anxiety or claustrophobia during an open scan. The open design allows you to see outside the machine and around the exam room. You can take comfort in knowing you are not sliding into that enclosed tunnel.

Constant Communication

The open design makes it easy to be comforted by a loved one during the scan, but there is still a chance that you are going into the exam room alone. This is why the technician uses special equipment to ensure you have someone to communicate with during the procedure. Your technician watches over you, addresses your concerns and offers words of encouragement during the scan. The communication is also beneficial if you need additional support or supervision during your MRI.

Accurate Diagnosis

You do not have to sacrifice an accurate reading just to feel calm and comfortable during your scan. There are many open MRI machines that take high quality images of the body, and this includes the Hitachi Airis Elite. Your physician is able to diagnose your medical condition without recommending an additional scan.

The open MRI machine is beneficial to both you and your physician. The lack of walls allows you to lie comfortably, see outside the machine and stay connected with your technician. Your physician uses a state-of-the-art machine to explore, diagnose and treat your medical condition.

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