Restoring a Pond

Ponds add beauty to a property and are a natural habitat for ducks, fish, and many other types of wildlife. Dredging removes the sediment from the bottom of the pond and helps to make it deeper. This can actually help it to provide a larger area for wildlife.

Benefits of Dredging

When a pond is left to nature, often it will fill up with sediment from surface runoff. This can happen when rain comes down faster than the soil can soak it up or it is already full of water. The runoff, depending on where it comes from can carry contaminants to a pond. This is one of the reasons that dredging is beneficial.

Another reason for dredging is to widen or deepen the pond. This can keep it from drying up which does occur over the years. The runoff will fill the pond and it will become swamp and then land again. Dredging allows the pond to be a home to many aquatic plants and this will benefit the fish as well as add beauty and help to balance the environment.

There are long-term advantages to dredging as well. It helps to increase the amount of water in the pond thus protecting against decreased oxygen. Sediment removed can be high in nutrients which also depletes the oxygen near the bottom of the pond.

During bad weather such as storms the sediment in the bottom of the pond can become stirred up and reduce light which can adversely affect plants. Besides sediment the bottom of the pond can contain animal waste, algae, leaves, and other things that can cause environmental damage. Over a period of time sediment can become sedimentary rock which further decreases the pond capacity. The waste removed should have the water removed before being deposited elsewhere.

An Option for Removing the Sediment

One of the ways of removing this sediment from ponds, canals, and other water is a dredge rental such as the ones at Sandling Industrial Services. Since hiring a professional to dredge the pond is an expensive undertaking this is an option that is not as costly and just as effective. Depending on the type of machines used, they can actually damage the shoreline and pond liners.

A mini dredge can remove mud, sand, and other sediment without damaging the pond. As an option for a healthier pond, dredging has many benefits. Perhaps the best advantage is the improved environment for wildlife, plants, and fish that live in or around the pond.

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