PS4FANS.NET, A Great Independent Site For Playstation 4 Fans.

There are many great video game sites out there we all know that, but this one here came across my radar thanks to a buddy of mine and I was really impressed. I am a lover of all games and I hate on the multiplatform sites all the bickering, fighting and fanboyism (is that even a word?) So that is why I like this site. This is a Playstation 4 site made by PS4 fans for PS4 fans.

To start with as the Playstation 4 has just recently launched they have bang up to date news and information in regards to the actual console its self. There is just a ton of easy to read information in regards to both the technical aspects of the console and the apps and software as well. Truth be told they have pretty much everything covered, but the best thing about it for me is that it’s not long winded or pretentious like many other gaming sites are.

There is also this really cool Game Boards section on the site. This has each and every Playstation 4 game that has been released so far in its own section on the site. Here you get information, screenshots and the ability to rate the game as well. Plus there is a comments section in the bottom so you can share your thoughts with other gamers as well.

In all this is just an all round great Playstation 4 site. It has a vast amount of information, but the layout and the way that the articles are written is perfect. And as this is a dedicated PS4 website you know that you will be chatting and communicating with other Playstation 4 fans and not have to worry about getting into any childish console wars.

If you are a Playstation 4 owner or plan to be one then I highly recommend you check out

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