Preventing Time Wasting at Work

Many people think that stealing from an employer involves the actual theft of merchandise. The truth is that wasting time at work is really no different from outright stealing. Your may find that your employees come into work, log in, check their email, play a few games online and even talk to loved ones on the phone before they actually get to work. Every minute that they spend doing something unrelated to their jobs is money that they take out of your pocket. As an employer, you need to know how to prevent employees from wasting time at work.

Install an Internet Filter

Some employers dislike the idea of using and installing an Internet filter because they want their employees to trust them. Using one of these blockers is actually a smart way to keep your employees from wasting time at work, and the IT department in your office can usually install one in just a few short minutes. You can select all the websites you want to block in the office, including Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Some blocking programs let you monitor what sites your workers visit most often and how long they spend on those sites too.

Use a Marker on Time Cards

If your employees earn an income based on the amount of time they work and you still use a time card system, invest in one of the new markers like the Reiner speed I marker. These markers can automatically print on a variety of different surfaces, including paper and metal. You can also adjust the information displayed on the market before you stamp a time card. When your workers come in and immediately begin doing personal things, you can make a simple notation on the time card to identify the issue and show when they actually started working.

Set Up Management Software

Using time management software is another way you can reduce the amount of time your employees waste at work. These programs monitor all the activities your workers do throughout the day and create a detailed log of those activities. You’ll see how much time they spent surfing the web, on specific sites, playing games and doing other things. With that information in hand, you can sit down and talk with your employees about the problem. The less time your workers waste, the more effective your business will run.

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