How to Store Furniture in a Self Storage Unit

Furniture is probably one of the most common items that we store in public storage facilities. Many of us choose to store furniture in a storage unit hoping to gain access to it in the future, or while moving from one home to another one. Indeed, storing furniture in a climate-controlled unit is a good idea and can ensure that your move home from one place to another is as smooth as possible. In order for it to be that way you need to make sure that you transport and store your furniture the right way. This can be sometimes tricky because due to its big dimensions most furniture can be prone to dents and can be damage easily in transit or while in storage. This is why below you will find many useful tips that will help you to preserve your furniture and ensure that you don’t have problems with it anymore. Here they are:

1. Use bubble wrap as much as possible. It turns out that in this case bubble wrap can turn out to be your best friend. Use it on any parts that might get possibly damaged, and use it a lot.
2. Disassemble as many parts of your furniture as it is possible of course without damaging anything on purpose. It is always easier to transport smaller parts rather than bigger ones, so make sure that you make the job easier for you.
3. If furniture legs cannot be removed, at least protect them by using a lot of bubble wrap on them to protect them from scratching or even from breaking. Be especially careful while transporting furniture that has not been completely disassembled.
4. Cover couches, cushions, or other vulnerable parts with plastic paper or foil to avoid any unnecessary damage.
5. If there is no carpet in your unit, consider bringing one on your own. It always pays to have that extra protection to make sure that no leg of your furniture gets scratched.

Finally, enjoy the fact that you are able to store some of your furniture in a storage unit. Now you are free to stage the sale of your home, or to move to another location knowing that all your furniture is safe while you keep arranging all the necessary steps to make it happen.

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