How To Promote Your Computer Repair Business

Computer and Smartphone repair has become quite the lucrative industry for those with tech skills and computer science knowledge. People invest a lot of money into their tech devices and they don’t typically want to toss them in the trash and replace them when something goes wrong.

However, since this is such a lucrative business, you’ll find that there’s a lot of competition when you’re working to get your business off the ground. If you want to have a steady stream of income and make a lot of money, then follow these tips on how you can promote your computer repair business.

Invest In Marketing Yourself

For most people looking to get into the computer repair business, start-up costs are relatively low. In fact, many people in this industry don’t even rent office spaces, but rather just operate out of their homes. Because the start-up costs are so low, put a little money into marketing yourself. Things like business cards, custom bumper stickers and newspaper ads can be a great way to get your name out there and attract new customers.

Be Personable And Attend Local Events

When you’re getting your start in the computer repair industry, being a popular face in your local community can be extremely helpful. While many people operate online and solicit people to mail in their devices from anywhere in the country, it’s easier to get a local business up and running than it is to try to gain a national following.

Attend local events with your business card ready. Whenever you meet someone new, mention that you are in the business of repairing tech devices. You never know who might need your services; in fact, just about everyone has a broken tech device lying around their house that is one quick repair away from being functioning again.

Discounts and New Client Specials

Remember, this is a competitive industry. When you’re first getting off the ground, coupons, discounts and new client specials should be commonplace. People need a reason to choose to do business with you instead of the other guy. Money talks and coupons can serve as a great incentive for someone to take their device to you.

Above all else, be sure to do absolutely stellar work. If a customer reports that their device still isn’t working, make sure that you remedy the situation without charging them an additional fee.

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