Help When Buying a Cabin Cruiser or Yacht

Buying a yacht is the purchase of a lifetime for many people, rivaling only a home purchase in the size and frequency of the investment. Because of their because of the nature of the commodity, yachts for potential purchase can be found all over the world. Boat dealers naples fl often have their own inventory of vessels for sale, but often, the ultimate purchase comes from another area.

But unlike a car, truck or SUV, there is not a yacht dealership on every other street corner. To find just the right vessel, some searching must be conducted. This is where the services of a licensed and experienced yacht broker will be useful. Besides their own inventory in their home port, the broker will have contacts with most of the major selling areas in the country and will also have some international contacts.

When the potential purchase is at a long distance, full specifications of a particular yacht, extensive photos and video of the vessel can be transmitted to the broker. In addition, the broker can usually arrange for a third party inspection before the purchase. Delivery of the boat and an itemization of transportation fees will be arranged in advance.

But before the purchase, an extensive meeting with the customer is an area where the broker earns their commission. Often, the buyer wants to purchase a yacht, but hasn’t quite crystallized his or her desires on a vessel. Sometimes, the buyer hasn’t made a choice between a sailing yacht and a cruiser. Will the buyer be using the yacht for extensive voyages or strictly coastal use? Is the buyer seeking a new boat or is a used yacht a consideration? Will the buyer be hiring a crew or will he or she be operating by himself?

In these cases, the broker can help narrow down the needs of the buyer and express possibilities the buyer had not considered. After those choices are made, the broker can then disclose what is available and where a potential buy is located, the repairs, if any, that need to be made and all fittings required ensuring the new purchase is seaworthy. For those experienced in large boat sales and purchases, as well as first time buyers, the services of a quality yacht broker make the transaction the deal of a lifetime.

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