Good News for Google+ Users

Google has good news for those AdWords advertisers who have high Google+ follower count. As of April 22, 2013, those advertisers can highlight their follower count making their ads more likely to be clicked on. Google says that such ads generate on average 5-10% more clicks than regular ads. Since people are constantly on the lookout for recommendations, giving the advertisers a way to show their reputation is a great way to show the Internet users who matters and who doesn’t. The enhancements don’t incur any additional fees and are automatic for each business that qualifies.

It seems that this is a great addition to the system, but does every website qualify for this sought-after enhancement? If you have a website, it needs to fulfill certain requirements: you need to have a Google+ website, your website needs to have a significant (at least 100) number of followers, the URL of your website has to be verified, and the web page needs to have recent, high-quality content. If your business does not pass these requirements, you might want to learn what to do in order to improve and become one of the many businesses that utilize Google+ in their advertising campaigns.

Showing follower count isn’t a new thing as Google came up with the idea some time ago while launching the so-called “social extensions” for those using AdWords just last year. However, this new system is promised to work better than its predecessor. The main difference is that it is totally automatic while the old one required website owners to set the changes up manually at the campaign level.

The latest changes to the system do have their problems and attract negative comments as well. One of the biggest controversies when it comes to AdWords enhanced campaigns is the fact that tablet and desktop advertising is now merged into one system. Some advertisers aren’t happy with the changes seeing the need to separate tablets from desktops as they attract completely different types of audience.

Advertisers with Google+ websites have been transitioning to AdWords enhanced campaigns since it came into effect just last month. It is not a surprise that some of the largest advertisers such as H&M and Red Bull were the earliest adopters, seeing it as a chance to benefit most from the latest changes due to their high follower count. Many small and mid-level advertisers don’t want to stay behind and adapt to the changes as well. Google says that they have a way to track the number of migrants by advertiser type, although this type of information won’t be available to the public.

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