Designing an Office Space for a Productive Workforce

Designing an office space can be a challenging task for your business. Whether you’re moving into a new location, relocating, or just want to a whole new look for your office there are a few things to take into consideration.

Location of the Office

The first item to take into account is where isn’t what’s inside your office but what’s on the outside. The location of your office is important for many different reasons. The first is to obviously have a location that’s easy accessible to all your workers so they don’t need to relocate. Make sure that there are restaurants and bars so that your employees can have a sense of life independent of the work space.

Open and Cozy

Have you noticed that employees enjoy working from home? Designing an office that makes your employees feel as though they are at home is key to making individuals feel comfortable collaborating in the office. Space planning is important for this part of your office design. Either plan it yourself, or have a professional office space planner do it for you (Source:

Making sure that you office is designed to balance both collaborative space and quiet space for your employees is important.  Remember for companies with multiple locations make sure it’s imperative to provide ways for workers to communicate with one another through video conference (Source: Startup spaces).

Food is Energy

Making sure that your office has food and coffee so that your employees stay energized is important. When designing an office space it’s important that employees can have easy access to a kitchen (with food and coffee) so that they keep their energies up.

This gives a general sense on how to design an office space to have a productive workforce.  These tips will help make your employees keen, happy and productive in the office.

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