Custom Gasket Design Considerations

Gaskets are important components because they prevent damage that’s usually caused by dust, vibration, water, and electromagnetic interference. All gaskets, however, won’t provide the same benefits since they’re designed differently. This is why several things must be considered during each phase of the buying process.

Key Strategy

Many engineers don’t make any suggestions about the mechanical requirements for a gasket until the final stage of the manufacturing process. When gaskets are considered at the last minute, a product’s performance usually suffers. In order to save money, gasket designs must be considered throughout the early stages of the development process.


During the first phase, figure out how the gasket will be used. For example, landscaping machinery will need a custom gasket that can withstand heavy wind and rain. Any gasket that will be installed in a basement or attic should have an efficient seal that can block dust.


Because there are tons of materials that are used by custom gasket manufacturers, selecting a cost-effective product can be challenging. However, you can simplify the process by studying each gasket‘s:

Compression-force deflection
Durometer hardness

The cellularity is a term that refers to the polymer and its design characteristics. Cellularity varies because a polymer can have opened or closed cells. When the cells are opened, the material soaks up fluids with ease. However, you must pick open-cell gaskets wisely since some options don’t have great absorption properties after they’re overly compressed. Closed-cell gaskets don’t absorb water, so they’re ideal for washers and other household applications.

When custom gasket manufacturers measure durometer hardness, they always refer to the Shore A scale. On this chart, anything that’s between 10 and 20 is fairly soft. Materials that have a medium hardness range between 30 and 40. The hardest gaskets feel like a car tire; these products usually have a measurement of 70 of higher.

Overall, a gasket’s compression properties matter, so you must choose an ideal product that’s strong and durable. By working with a company that specializes in custom gasket cutting, you’ll get optimum results because each component’s shape and design will suit your specific needs.

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