Create personalized movies easily with Movavi video Software

A personalized movie or video for a loved one is always very special and makes the other one very happy. It is an ultimate feeling when you see the happiness on your loved ones face. If you are thinking of being creative, why not make a movie or put together different clippings and connect them. You can even use your own voice in the background. You can do loads of experiments with video making, that is, if you have the right application such as even making 3D videos.

Now the problem is where to get such software which will help you in innumerable ways to edit, create videos. Well the solution is here, its Movavi video software. It consists of a set of features which will help you in many ways. In fact, it is said that the Movavi video software is designed to allow amateur video hobbyists to come up with professional Hollywood like movies conveniently. The software is really easy to handle and do not ask for anything more than your basic computing skills.

The Movavi software would allow you to trim or cut off unnecessary parts from your clippings for a neat smart outlook. There are more than 20 types of transitions to choose from to ensure a smooth flow in between the clips.

Special effects are a must have in any professional video today and it’s likely that you too would like to power up your personalized video with excellent effects. With deep regard for your concern, Movavi has come up with as many as 40-plus special effects to guarantee an edgy feel to your movie. You can take to a sepia mode or go for the abstract mosaic or black & white visual for a retro feel and so on.

Then, there are video filters. Movavi has come up with much needed video filtering tools that work to rectify the usual amateur visual mistakes in a video. You will be able to adjust the color, brightness, proper the white balance and many more. With Movavi, you can always be confident of a beautiful professional-looking video, even if this is your first or second video venture.

The Movavi video software enables you to jazz up the video with great stylish tiles. There are over 100 fonts to pick from – you would be able to experiment with various word arts, add on shadow effects to the characters, create chic text backgrounds & set up size, color & other different text parameters.

No great video is complete sans music and the Movavi software enables you to add on background music in different popular formats such as WMA, MP3 etc. The software captures audio from electric piano, MIDI-keyboard or other various musical instruments linked to the PC.

Finally, the Movavi software allows its users to save the created video in different convenient formats –the software is compatible with all popular audio-video formats and mobile operating systems.

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