About Industrial Blenders

When most people hear the word “blender,” they think of a kitchen appliance. In fact, industrial blenders are used in most businesses throughout the country. One can find blenders in the pharmaceutical, food, construction and other industries. A cement mixer is one example of a commercial blender that is commonly seen today. Another example is an asphalt mixer used to build roadways.

Mixers used for specific functions may be built with paddles, fluid jets, rotating blades or other types of features to blend materials. Incorporating custom industrial mixers into a business’s initial plant design ensures the manufacturing process will be efficient. For example, aimblending.com designed a food processing plant from beginning to end which is operating at full capacity and running smoothly.

AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. has engineers that will help customers choose and design the right blenders for the business needs. The company’s licensed engineers have consulted and built industrial blenders in the US, Australia, Africa, Mexico and other countries, sometimes living in the country for several months. Support is offered during and after installation to help customers get the most from their blenders.

As well as building new plants, AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. also offers the service of refurbishing and upgrading existing industrial blenders. Old, inefficient blenders can be upgraded or replaced with more efficient models that increase productivity and provide a better finished product for the customer. It makes financial sense for a company to learn more about new blenders and determine if upgrading or replacing existing machines will garner higher productivity and profits.

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