5 Innovative Ways to Better Organize Your Home & Workspace

It’s nearly impossible to go through life and not collect clutter. However, there are a few ways for you to better organize your home and workspace without sacrificing the things you love.

Hide-Away Drawers & Compartments

Architects and interior designers are pros at creating hide-away drawers and compartments in the homes they build. But, even if an architect didn’t custom build your home for your specifications, you can still temporarily hire out. Ask for a few hide-away segments to your workspace and the places in your home where you live the most.

Flip-Top Ottoman & Footlocker

Footlockers and flip-top ottomans are perfect places to hide the clutter of home or your workspace. They offer optimum room for everything you need to throw in. And then you can either use them to prop your feet, or push them to a nook or corner. Out of sight, out of mind.

Live the Minimalist Life

If you want to truly get organized, get rid of your clutter. Old boxes, trinkets, toys, and items that you never, ever use…throw it out. Give everything to a secondhand store. Go through your closets and everything in your home, and just leave the necessities. This is a drastic measure for some, and a perfectly normal life for others.

Collapsible Canvas Baskets

Collapsible canvas baskets and totes are awesome for clothes, shoes, small toys, dog toys…you name it. You can line them up, organize your stuff, and leave them. Or, you can take them with you wherever you go for a quick, clean trip. They do well in a workspace as much as they do in a home space.

Toy Boxes Galore

If you have children, you know the struggles of putting them to bed at night, then picking up all of the little toys they have strewn around the house. Or, maybe your kiddos clean up after themselves. In which case, consider yourself lucky. But you can make clean up easier for everyone with nook and corner toy boxes in any room your kids play. Include a few lids, and you have organized toys that your little ones can dig into whenever they want a toy.

The aforementioned organizational methods are merely suggestions. If you want to get inspired to make up your own organizational methods, simply stand in the center of a cluttered room and think. Allow these suggestions to encourage you. There are dozens of possible ways for you to organize your living and working spaces.

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