4 Handy iPhone Hacks

If you’re only using your phone to text, go on social media or actually make phone calls, you’re missing out on an entire constellation of handy features. These easy and super useful hacks will help you get the most out of your iPhone.

1.       Unlocking.Not to be confused with jail breaking, unlocking your phone is legal and makes it possible to use any service provider. If you travel internationally, unlocking your iPhone allows you to make calls without an international calling plan. It’s actually fairly easy to unlock an iphone 6. There are several reputable online services that can do it for you. Even if you don’t leave the country, unlocking your phone means never having to pay for roaming again.

2.       Charge your battery faster. There are two ways to accomplish charging your phone in a hurry. One, switch your phone to airplane mode before charging. Alternatively, use an iPad adapter. It seems the iPhone 6 doesn’t have any trouble handling the higher 2.1 Amp charger. However, it’s probably a good idea not to leave the phone on the iPad charger any longer than necessary so keep an eye on it and disconnect your phone from the charger as soon as it’s full.

3.       Train Siri. If you’ve ever wanted to tell Siri to, “Call my sister,” or brother, boyfriend, wife, husband, etc., you can do that – as long as you tell Siri who that person is first. You can teach Siri who your connections are by simply telling her. For instance, if your sister’s name is Emma, you would tell Siri, “Emma is my sister,” and then confirm. After that, you can say to Siri, “Call my sister,” and Siri will call Emma. Keep in mind, it’s important to tell Siri the name of your connection exactly as it appears in your contacts. Another way to train Siri is to correct her pronunciations. If she mispronounces something you can say, “That’s not how you pronounce,” and then say the word. Siri will make the correction.

4.       Get unlimited zoom into your photos. If you’ve ever wondered what your photos look like pixel by pixel, wonder no more. All you have to do is select a photo in your Photos app, tap edit, tap the rotate button to 90 degrees, tap done, then zoom as much as you want!

Of course, these four hacks are just the beginning, but they make a great start toward enjoying your iPhone to the fullest.

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